Can you match the labels to the pictures?

puffin       waterlily          bat        Camberwell Beauty     shark             fish          robin            orchid           stag beetle      rat        jelly fish        fungus         frog        daisy        bat        beetle         barn owl        magnolia      reptile

You like it in Latin?

Tyto alba           Medusozoa           Nymphaeaceae         Fratercula    selachimorpha         Erithacus rubecula           Magnoliaceae      Nymphalis antiopa     coleopteris             Bellis perennis           Rana temporalia        Reptilia              Orchidaceae            Chiroptera            Rattus rattus


barn owl Tyto alba


Carl Linnaeus 1707-78

Carl Linnaeus – inventor of binomial nomenclature
– a system of classification that is understood worldwide

magnoliashark selachimorpharobin Erithacus rubecula


Charles Darwin 1809-1882

Charles Darwin – instrumental in discovering evolution

frog Rana temporaliarattus rattus

puffin Fraterculareptile

jelly fish Medusozoafungus

bat ChiropteraCamberwell Beauty

waterlily Nymphaeaceae

stag beetle

Bellis Perrenis

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