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Network Rail come to New Leaf Botanical Garden – November 2013

November 2013 In early November  we welcomed Network Rail to the New Leaf Botanical Garden. This time they helped us with three tasks: laying decking around the pond, planting allium bulbs for summer and making wreaths. Twelve executives based in Kings Cross split their day between our site and Construction Youth Trust, where they helped make wooden display boards for us. These boards will soon be painted by our mural artist, Marlon Brown, to explain the developing botanical garden. A good time was had by all, and we hope to welcome them again in Spring.


The New Leaf Botanical Garden – July 30th 2013 ‘Summer Splash Day’ – the pond is dug and filled:


New Leaf Botanical Garden  – the terraces are built – April 13th 2013

The 13th April 2013 – a day of volunteering at New Leaf. 18 tonnes of soil was moved by a large party of people ranging in age from 5 years old to 75 yrs old; and a 4-tier terrace was built out of recycled timber logs. The 4-tier terrace will tell the story of the very first flowering plants: basal monocolpates (e.g. waterlilies) in the pond; early Ranunculacae (buttercups); then early spice marginals; then magnolia – the first true terrestrial. Gaps have been left in the timber – and these will be planted in. Vinnie envisages it as a big slumbering dinosaur – “a big flowery slumbering dinosaur” – he says. And this big slumbering dinosaur will double as habitat for miner bees and lace wings.

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