we need volunteers in the bookshop

Can any of you spare a few hours a week to volunteer at our bookshop? We have 7 slots to fill. The usual times are 3-7pm weekdays. And 10-2 and 2-6 weekends.  Help desperately needed. e-mail info@new-leaf.org.uk if you think you can help.

(Wednesday & Thursday slots filled now – thanks. still looking for other days.)

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About newleafdulwich

The logo is a hand-painted bramble leaf - which is important to us, as the bramble is so British. Did you notice that there is a dot next to the L? This is actually a reference to Carl Linnaeus. Have you ever looked at the back of a plant book and noticed that a huge proportion of plant names have L. before them? This is because so many plants are named after Linnaeus that they abbreviate it to "L."

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